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Our history

How was Cuchilleria Argo born?

This great love for knives began thanks to “Don Miguel” (the grandfather) back in 1930 when in his youth he made his own knives for daily work in the fields; Then, everything grew until in 1980 “I”, the grandson of Don Miguel, began to engage in this great and beautiful profession that is the art of the dagger. In 1993, with the experience and wisdom of my grandfather, I dedicated myself fully and today, with 28 years in the business, we remain more enthusiastic than ever in this beautiful tradition.

Our goal is to strive every day to maintain and improve the quality of OUR KNIFE.
Our blades, cut in a single piece, are made of 1075 carbon steel, tempered in state-of-the-art ovens and with a handcrafted finish that enhances the quality of the product. The bronze button is embedded in the blade, being the detail that differentiates it.
Among the capes we can find different proposals in whole woods and their combinations; in combinations with different antlers, bale, fine and common fabric, among others.
In addition to creole knives you can find daggers, facones, blades, picnic or camping sets, grill sets, carving sets, sharpening steels and we are always open to the needs and proposals of consumers.

Technical data

The knives are manufactured with the highest quality, based on the results of more than 20 years of work in the sector. During which the product has been perfected, through the selection of materials and the continuous innovation and creativity put into the designs, guaranteeing customer confidence and satisfaction. The 1070 carbon steel used in our blades is made with special care in terms of quenching, tempering and finishing treatments that comprise the manufacturing process. The production of the sheaths is also subjected to a careful process, made of chrome-free vegetable-tanned cowhide that ensures good maintenance of the blade.

For the artisanal manufacture of our knives, finishes are made using a combination of hardwoods, deer antlers and other materials such as horns and bovine bone. Of the deer, only those obtained during the periodic and natural fall are used.
Artisanal production allows us to obtain a unique product.
Regarding the edge and finish of our knives we have special attention and dedication, that is why we use 1070 carbon steel and elements that give a good finish to both the blade, the handle and the sheath.